We love seeing our clients kicking their wellness goals!

Here’s another amazing story from Patrick Ngatai.

Patrick Ngatai

Patrick lives in the beautiful Rotorua. He recently returned to work and starts his mornings with the best cardio exercise, walking the fields and enjoying the beautiful view. He has also got back into his gym program. He certainly is living his life to the fullest.

My journey on dialysis started 2010 when I was diagnosed with kidney disease and had to go on a machine. First I did 5 years on PD which is the tummy treatment and 7 years on Haemodialysis. The last two and a half years have changed my life spiritually as I am a Chaplain and on the 17th of June my prayers were answered; I was told by a renal doctor that there’s a kidney waiting for me in Auckland.

The transplant was a success and 4 months on I’m living life to the fullest. There are 3 things that I learned to perfect:
  1. Listen
  2. Take your medication
  3. Do your full time on the machine - no shortcuts