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We hope that one day, no New Zealanders will suffer because of kidney disease. Until then, we’re here to help, and to bring the kidney community together.

How We Can Support You

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Living with Kidney Disease

Most people seldom think about their kidneys and many don’t really know what they do, until something goes wrong.

Healthy kidneys go quietly about the business of cleaning the blood, removing waste products and unwanted water in the urine, and generally keeping people alive and healthy.

Unfortunately there are many diseases that can lead to permanent kidney damage. Sometimes the damage is permanent. This is very serious, and when kidney function drops below 15%, decisions need to be made about the future.

There are several treatments available, and people usually have a choice. Information to help you make a decision comes from many sources and in many forms: health professionals, leaflets and books, videos, the internet and people who are already having treatment. Kidney Society staff, because they are not part of the health service, can help by spending time with you to explore your options in your own time and in your own home. If we can’t visit you at home we can talk to you on the phone, as many times as you like.

Kidney health issues in New Zealand

Every kilometre counts. Join us in the Auckland Marathon this October

Join us to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by kidney disease. This year, we aim to recruit 15-20 runners and 25 walkers to fundraise over $10,000 for the Kidney Society at the Auckland Marathon, taking place on Sunday 29th October 2023. There's a range of distances for everyone including the Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 11k Traverse, and the 5k Challenge. Kidney disease affects millions of people worldwide and is a significant public health issue in New Zealand, with around one in ten adults having some form of kidney damage. By participating in the Auckland Marathon, we hope to raise awareness about kidney disease and raise funds to support those who need it. The funds raised will help provide crucial support to people living with kidney disease and their families. How we will support you: We will support you every step of the way, including: - Setting you up with a Give A Little page - Providing tips and tricks for fundraising - A runner's guide - Briefing sessions - A T-shirt if you raise over $200 - Refund of your entry fee and transfer to ‘Charity Superstar’ entry if you raise over $1000