A First for Kidney Disease: A New and Exciting Approach to Exercise, Just in Time for Annual Kidney Awareness Day.

Kidney Society Spin Poi Video

Working with SpinPoi CEO and Founder Dr. Kate Riegle van West, the Kidney Society has produced a video for kidney patients that introduces them to the benefits of the wonderful taonga of Poi.

Timed perfectly for World Kidney Day, this initiative aims to shed light on kidney disease awareness while empowering patients with a holistic approach to physical and mental wellbeing. 

Chronic kidney disease affects one in ten New Zealanders and over 850 million people globally. Despite its widespread impact, kidney disease often flies under the radar in public discourse. 

Tracey Drinkwater, Wellness Educator at the Kidney Society, recognised the potential of SpinPoi to benefit their clients and spearheaded the collaboration. With a dedication to supporting physical and mental health while celebrating Kiwi and Pasifika cultures, Tracey worked closely with SpinPoi to develop a routine tailored to the specific needs of kidney disease patients. 

“This project is a true collaboration that reflects the importance of community support for people with Chronic Kidney Disease. The combination of the beautiful music from Aro, the incredible Spin Poi programme from Kate, and the amazing mahi by the three clients who performed the routine have really been an incredible project to be part of. I am very excited about the development of the Kidney Society Poi project and the health and wellness benefits it will bring to the amazing people we support.”

World Kidney Day seeks to change that narrative by highlighting the critical role kidneys play in overall health and advocating for proactive measures to combat kidney-related health issues. 

Kidney Society CEO John Loof says ‘Today is the day when we ask Kiwis to acknowledge the 5000 New Zealanders who have this complex and challenging condition. We’re also asking people to get to know their kidneys better and find out how valuable they are so you can take better care of them’. 

SpinPoi, led by CEO & Founder Kate Riegle van West, is renowned for its innovative wellness program utilising the traditional Māori and Pasifika art of Poi spinning. Backed by scientific research, SpinPoi's unique blend of physical activity and mental engagement has been proven to enhance overall happiness and wellbeing. In collaboration with SpinPoi, the Kidney Society is proud to unveil a SpinPoi exercise video specially designed for kidney disease patients. 

This video, which will be launched on 14 March (World Kidney Day), raises awareness about kidney disease and serves as a valuable resource promoting physical and mental wellness among individuals facing kidney health challenges. Our mission is to amplify awareness about Kidney Disease in New Zealand and beyond through encouraging viewers to not only engage with the SpinPoi wellness video but also to share it widely within their communities. On the day, we’ll be putting out a challenge for people and their families to follow the routine and send us their video as part of our Poi Whanu challenge. More details will follow closer to the day.

About Kidney Society 
The Kidney Society, a non-profit organisation committed to supporting individuals with kidney disease, offers a range of services including home and phone visits, tailored wellness programmess, and resources, as well as community dialysis houses. 

About SpinPoi
SpinPoi is a social enterprise dedicated to working with poi to improve health and wellbeing for all ages and abilities. SpinPoi supports individuals and organisations across the globe with our evidence-based programmes.