The launch is here! The Kidney Society is proud to announce the launch of a new and innovation SpinPoi exercise resource, designed exclusively for individuals with kidney disease, in celebration of World Kidney Day on Thursday, 14 March 2024. 

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SpinPoi World Kidney Day
Chronic kidney disease affects one in ten New Zealanders and over 850 million people globally. Despite its widespread impact, kidney disease often remains overlooked in public discourse. In response to this challenge, the Kidney Society has partnered with SpinPoi to develop an innovative exercise routine tailored specifically for individuals with kidney disease. 

The SpinPoi routine, which will be unveiled through online to everyone on Thursday 14 March at 10 am NZST, features our Kidney Society clients Awhi, Jenny, and Siu, showcasing the empowering and inclusive nature of the exercise. This project represents a true collaboration, bringing together the expertise of the Kidney Society and SpinPoi to address the unique needs of individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease. 

“This project is a true collaboration that reflects the importance of community support for people with Chronic Kidney Disease. The combination of the beautiful music from Aro, the incredible Spin Poi programme from Kate, and the amazing mahi by the three clients who performed the routine have really been an incredible project to be part of. I am very excited about the development of the Kidney Society Poi project and the health and wellness benefits it will bring to the amazing people we support,” says Tracey Drinkwater, Wellness Educator at the Kidney Society. 

Dr. Kate Riegle van West, the Founder and CEO of SpinPoi, completed her PhD in the effects of poi on physical and cognitive function for older adults and specialises in working with poi as a therapeutic tool. Kate says "It has been an honour to work alongside the Kidney Society team in sharing the health benefits of this precious taonga. I really encourage everyone to give this poi routine a go, even if you've never twirled a poi in your life! The movements are designed to be accessible to everyone and to support cardiorespiratory fitness and physical motor function - key areas to be proactive about when trying to prevent or slow the progression of Kidney Disease. Plus, the routine is heaps of fun! Maybe build it into your daily routine to get a little dose of exercise and endorphin release every day."

The Kidney Society is also issuing a special challenge to the community to join in spreading awareness about kidney disease. Participants are invited to master the SpinPoi routine, record their performances, and share them with us so they can be featured in an inspiring montage, highlighting the unity and dedication of the kidney community in raising awareness about kidney disease. 

Kidney Society CEO John Loof says ‘Today is the day when we ask Kiwis to acknowledge the 5000 New Zealanders who have this complex and challenging condition. We’re also asking people to get to know their kidneys better and find out how valuable they are so you can take better care of them’.